Youtube Measures for 2019 SEO

Youtube Measures for 2019 SEO

Youtube Measures for SEO

If you were using youtube to share your videos to the public and you want that your videos will get more likes, comments, share, views and much more so that your video will become trending to the public. Then there are some measures or tips for doing SEO for your youtube channel. The SEO of the youtube can be done with 2 major strategies:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

1. On Page SEO for Youtube

For doing On Page of your Youtube channel or video you must have some good title, keywords and description.

  1. Title

Title of your videos plays a very important role to rank your videos. The youtube title must be popular and have some target keywords for the title. Search Engine like Google truncates your title with more than 66 characters of the title.  

B. Description

Description of your youtube videos is also a major role to rank your videos. The description that you create must be unique from other videos. It must be relevant and target keywords must be in the description which you want to optimize. The description must be longer and have target keywords. In the description of the video, you can include the link to your website so that your website can get more traffic.

C. Keywords

Keywords are the most important factor to rank the youtube videos. It is more important than the title and the description. With target keywords and unique keywords, you can optimize your videos to the higher rank. The best place from which you can find out the keywords is Youtube but you can also find keywords from other keywords tool which include Google Search Console, SEMrush, SEOprofiler, MOZ and many more.

2. Off Page SEO for Youtube

There are some techniques by which you can do Off-Page SEO for Youtube videos.

  1. Inbound Links

It an important factor to rank your youtube videos. These Links are those in which you can share your videos on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and you can share your videos on bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Slashdot and Digo. These are the major websites which have a huge number of users and this helps to traffic your video.

B. Views

Your video must be popular on the youtube so that it can rank higher. You must share your videos on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. With this, you will get more views on your videos and it will rank high. You can share the link to the video with Emails and other places. Moreover, if your videos will get more views then your video will be placed in “most viewed videos” category.

C. User Interaction Interfaces

In User Interaction Interfaces you can manage your Likes, Comments, Share, Annotations and Reviews so it helps to grow the ranking of your video on the Youtube. You can share your videos in different places so that you can get your Likes, Comments and if your video is interesting or have some knowledge based video then the people can share your videos with others and also get reviews so that you can get more traffic on your videos and it will help your videos to get good rank on the Youtube.

D. Watch Time

Watch Time plays a most important role to get the rank of your videos on Youtube. In the past, your videos depend on your views but in today’s time, Watch Time of a video is the much more important factor of your videos. Watch Time is that the time for the users will watch your videos. You should try to create a video length of more than 5 minutes so that you can get a good Watch Time. With this, your video will be placed in “Trending videos”.

These are the techniques of Youtube SEO which helps your video to get a higher rank and your videos will count in the trending videos on Youtube.

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